DRAWSVG user's manual

Chapter 1. User profile

The functions of DrawSVG editor are classified into two user profiles:

See tasks to view the difference between basic and expert profiles.

The basic profile is free to use with no identification required.

The expert profile :

To login click on the user profile icon in the menu bar to view the user profile login dialog

Figure 1.1. User profile

User profile

Then login with your Patreon or Google account.

If you have an expert access code, no need to log in, enter it to switch to the expert profile.

The expert profile remains activated the next time you access drawsvg with the same browser.

With your patreon subscription you can get an access code to expert profile without login.

The functionalities are organized into three categories of tasks:

Each task is associated with a profile (basic or expert), to explore them visit the links below with showcases associated for each task.

Table 1.1. User profile tasks

[studients] A request must be submitted via email to register the institution with its domain name and website. Then people can login with google and their school email address attached to the domain to get expert profile access.