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Review of elements drawing tasks and options
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ArcsDrawing circle, cubic and quadratic arcs14 steps
Draw with point captureDrawing with point capture to connect elements7 steps
EmojiChoosing and drawing emoji icons11 steps
Font Awesome iconChoosing and drawing FontAwesome icons17 steps
Free pathDrawing free paths smoothed or not7 steps
Horizontal and vertical linesDrawing horizontal, vertical and oblique lines5 steps
Horizontal and vertical pathDrawing paths with horizontal and vertical lines5 steps
ImageDrawing images15 steps
LineDrawing lines14 steps
MapInsert and edit a Google Map in your SVG drawing9 steps
Path with curvesDrawing paths with curves11 steps
Path with a holeDrawing paths with holes13 steps
PolylineDrawing polylines10 steps
RectangleDrawing rectangles13 steps
Repetitive drawingDrawing multiple objects with the same  task in repeating mode11 steps
ShapesDrawing cataloged shapes and icons13 steps
ShortcutsRestart last drawing actions with the shortcut icons1 steps
SymbolsDrawing cataloged symbols17 steps
TriangleDrawing triangles4 steps
Using a gridDraw elements with grid snapping16 steps