DRAW-SVG release notes

11-6 May 2024

  • New animate gradient function,
    see showcases animate gradients
  • Added Server Connection Status to About/Split Points Dialog
  • Image of loading a split code displayed at the right bottom of the page
  • New posts section
  • Post gradient animations

11-5 March 2024

  • New tool email account
    see documentation email account
  • Optimize tool, new options :
     Optimize path command separator commas
     Groups successive commands of a path
     See user's guide

11-4 February 2024

  • Updated emoji icons with emojione v2.2.7 distributed under Creative Commons license

11-3 January 2024

  • A new online service for requesting an access code is available from the user profile dialog.
    see node-red users.
  • The freesvg.org source is available again (expert only)
    see showcase and documentation
    The source was deactivated in October 2022.
  • Bug loading SVG by URL with drawsvg.html#svgurl fixed
    see Integration by URL
  • Fixed bug in SVG to PNG converter tool

11-2 December 2023

  • Technical migration to the AppEngine Java17 platform.

11-1 November 2023

  • Improvement of the photo to svg generator (HSV color space, superimposed layers, etc.),
    see documentation.
  • Rewriting user profile documentation

11-0 September 2023

10-9 July 2023

  • Enable education status on patreon account
  • Enable accesscode on google account
  • Disable google login on node-red app (X-Frame-Options deny), use only accesscode to get expert profile

10-8 April 2023

  • New animations set elements
    see using set command showcase
  • Showcases presentation pages by categories reviews with the SVG document of each showcase
  • Reduces the size of the initial code loading from 800 kbytes to 600 kbytes.
  • Adding a loading animated svg on startup
  • New showcases index page
  • Board, reply action fixed bug
  • Escalating patreon connection error on drawsvg page

10-7 March 2023

  • Home pages rework
  • Code splitting optimisation
  • Showcase waits code split points loading before flushing events

10-6 February 2023

  • Fix showcase bugs on firefox
  • migrate to gwt2.10

10-5 January 2023

  • Create and edit animate motion elements
    see showcases: motion path,origin,group,keyPoints
  • Added length to geometry panel
  • Fixing hyperlink bounding box computing when contains transformed child
  • Selecting hyperlink children
  • load drawn element ids on loading new document

10-4 November 2022

10-3 October 2022

  • New animations menu
    see showcases
    Starts with animate element,transform and motion will come in next relaese
  • Disabled freesvg source due to unavailable service
  • Propagates the renamed symbol new id to the use elements

10-1 June 2022

10-0 May 2022

9-9 April 2022

9-8 March 2022

  • New text unselectable style property
  • New round rect editor
  • New showcases introduction page
  • CSS panel, filter drawsvg engine css classes, enlargement of the classes input field and the popup
  • Gradient and pattern transform editor can be applied to stroke property
  • Fixed the bug floating menu outside window left

9-7 February 2022

9-6 January 2022

  • Refactor tasks (to polyline, polygon, path), see showcase refactor
  • Insert line intersection points editor, see showcase insert intersection points
  • Management of connection constraints on editors
  • Reorganises code fragments of each profile basic/expert to separate them
  • Optimize menu action title position

9-5 November 2021

  • Splitting features into 2 profiles, see user profile
  • Fix menu's animation bug
  • Fix PNG export bug (incorrect image size)
  • New showcases print andPNG export

9-3 June 2021

  • Resources icons of the editors moved and grouped in the mapicons.svg document loaded on request.
    Reduces the initial code size.
  • Distinction layer and groups (g element with id xxx_group or xxx_shape)
  • Group select editor available only on groups and disabled on layers
  • To edit the layer of an object, added the action on object's layer selection and properties dialogs
  • Added select layer action on layers dialog
  • New showcase select and edit object's layer

9-2 May 2021

  • New editing tasks cut and merge paths, seecut paths showcase
  • New showcases edit polygon pointsand hyperlink
  • Adding the editors page to documentate editing tasks with showcases links
  • Moving the showcase module from drawsvg editor to a separated module so that it reduces editor module size of 400 kbytes

9-1 April 2021

  • Geometry panel, added function to reverse direction of lines, polylines and paths, seereverse direction
  • New group elements showcase
  • Enforcing HTTPS on appengine server configuration

9-0 March 2021

  • Added the keys shortcut CTRL+C+V to copy selected objects
  • Improved highlighting of elements with a 20% fill limit of the display area. Beyond that, the elements are shown unfilled with a line thickness of 10 pixels
  • New copyand remove elements showcases

8-9 February 2021

  • Edrawsvg NodeJs packaging to be installed as desktop application, see githubdrawsvg-editor
  • New path segments tasks: insert, refactor and remove segments, see showcasepath segments
  • Moved close path action icon, see close path
  • Path, Polygon and polyline properties dialog, added geometry edit action using a text editor, see showcasepath properties
  • Disabled mouse wheel zoom task when dialogs pops
  • Optimized selection menu creation and placement on successive selection clicks

8-8 January 2021

  • Fix the colorchooser bug on showing the object color and add an apply button to set it more intuitive.
  • Fix the properties dialog freeze bug on changing the object layer.
  • Setting default style of drawn object inside a layer, check inherited properties on layers parents.
  • Fix the background rect fill property bug, forced to none even if different on loading.
  • Removed stroke-width property of drawn shapes from catalog.
  • Save dialog, calls the JsChannel save service with the entered new name.
  • Adjusting svg area on resize window event.
  • Edrawsvg adding parameters to default styles.
  • Fix text editor bug on insert Dialog.

8-7 December 2020

  • Optimization of the SVG's window and its viewBox to uses all the display area in the respect of its aspect ratio.
  • Fix bug on SVG window parent element scrolling event.
  • Fix bug on display large document with scrolling area overlapping.
  • Fix path skeleton with relative move segment.
  • Highlighting composite paths with the outside convex envelopes of path's contours.
  • Bounding box constraints, seeshowcase.
  • Clipping constraints, seeshowcase.
  • Showcase chaining constraints.
  • Customize Edrawsvg shape catalogs.
  • Customize Edrawsvg parameters.

8-6 November 2020

  • New constraints management.
    Constraints are executed in background after each user action on impacted objects
  • Link points between objects with connect constraints.
    see showcase constraint connected point.
  • Fix decimal bug on coordinates packing (float overflow).
  • Fix JsChannel NPE exception.

8-5 October 2020

  • Code optimization, reducing initial load from 824 KBytes to 652 KBytes (edrawsvg measures, total code size is 2 173 KBytes).
  • Replace quit button of floating menu by a quit action.
    see showcase floating menu
  • Added a menu with quick actions to the transform function to simplify common transformations.
    see showcase transform elements.

8-4 September 2020

  • Style properties can be set before drawing objects and outside editing objects.
    They are applied to default styles.
    see showcase drawing lines
  • Selecting with target highlighting is enabled by default.
    Point and object highlighting modes are exclusive,
    see showcase target highlight.
  • The move task replaces the selection box with highlighting each selected object.
    This makes easy the adding or removing object from the selection.
    see showcase select elements.
  • New showcases quick start drawing.
    Continuously playing showcases of a section, see tutorials

8-3 July 2020

  • Drawing geometry objects with point capture, see showcase point capture.
  • Target point highlighter to easy point select, see showcase select points.
  • Point move task for large objects (paths, polylines, polygons), see showcase edit point.
  • Task for merging points to connect geometries, see showcase merging points.
  • Text editor, empty return lines bug fix:
    When the Enter key is pressed on an empty line, a space is added with xml: space = 'preserve' to keep the line visibleotherwise the line is not displayed by the browser.
  • Added the delete key to remove selected objects.

8-2 June 2020

  • New optimize tool to reduce svg file size before publishing, see documentation.
  • New target highlighter to easy select objects, see showcase target highlighting.
  • JsChannel API, added backgroundImageURL parameter to loadStringSVG, unloadBackgroundImage to getSVG, see API.

8-1 May 2020

  • New geometry panels for path, polyline, polygon objects
    see showcases path propertiesedit geometry.
  • Smoothing free path see showcase draw free path.
  • New drawing repetitive mode, see showcase repetitive draw.
  • Styling multiple objects together, see showcase.
  • New showcase copy style.
  • Fix XmlSerializer result, remove quotes insertion inside url style url("#arrow10-8-left").
  • Pack coordinates and dimensions decimales.
  • Path and circle arc editor, resume transform with one undo/redo function.

8-0 April 2020

  • Optimized svg menu loading, reducing loading time from 300 to 150 ms.
  • SVG menu background set as transparent, to allow edrawsg customizing color theme.
  • Removed old navigators support (ie6), reducing javascript code to half, changing edrawsg size from 15Mb to 11Mb.
  • Getting SVG code when document save, copy paste from drawsvg to another tool.
  • Loading SVG code when document create, copy paste from another tool to drawsvg.
  • New drawing tasks: horizontal, vectical lines, and triangle.
  • New showcase drawing arcs.

7-9 March 2020

  • Customizing the SVG editor User Interface with the Edrawsvg API.
  • Sample application drwapp.
  • Drawsvg customizing API.
  • Documentation Customize DRAW SVG UI.

7-8 February 2020

7-7 January 2020

  • New tool to generate a custom shape catalog and import it into drawsvg editor.
  • See customization documentation.

7-6 December 2019

  • Layers management, see showcases :
  • Disable menu animation due to a malfunction on FireFox.
  • Edge browser support.
  • Showcase tool, added touch device support, check widget enabled state when dispatching event on it, check mouse-down event listener, new fast mode.

7-5 November 2019

7-4 October 2019

  • New Font Awesome icons drawing task.
    See the showcase drawing FontAwesome Icons
  • JsChannel API, added getSVGObject method and 'modified' property to getSVG and Save Service.
  • Fixed 'ShowSaveDialog' option of Save Service.

7-3 September 2019

  • Added in the floating editing menu, shortcuts to repeat the last drawing actions.
    See the showcase Shortcuts
  • Optimized initial payload with loading editors on demand.

7-2 July 2019

  • New look and new logo
    Full logic refactoring for more extensions.
    Faster startup loading.

7-1 Juin 2019

  • Image load dialog, added resolution chooser to optimize image payload.
  • Fixed XML serializer Chrome bug.

7-0 May 2019

  • Update Google Map integration
    Google Map does not supports anymore anonymous requests.
    Queries need now a user API key.
    So SVG image elements cannot refer directly to the google map query.
    That was the basic principle of Google Map integration in DRAWSVG.
    To solve this problem, the requested map is now encoded inside the image element.
    See the showcase draw map

6-9 September 2018

6-7 June 2018

6-4 February 2018

  • New Photo to drawing tool.
  • Redesign of the home page and tools using w3.css styles.
  • Moving tools into a separate entry point.

6-3 January 2018

  • Remove videos in preview of the save panel.
  • Highlight the multi-language text selector with the fill property.
  • Fix filter path script.

6-2 November 2017

6-1 October 2017

  • Improvement of the text editor.
  • The new version of the text editor includes sub-string selection, list formatting, styles, tabbing, alignment, and link insertion.

6-0 September 2017

  • CSS styles management.
  • Add the CSS styles tab to the element properties panel and the CSS class edit panel in the Document menu.
  • Rich text, increasing the panel size and changing the style of the body element in transparent background color.

5-9 August 2017

  • New layer functions for the integration API.
  • Fixed the Chrome sizing bug of the foreignObject element for the "Chrome / 59.0.3071.115 (Windows NT 10.0; Win64; x64)" agent.
  • Improved animation of the accordion widget in the menu.

5-8 July 2017

  • Technical Migration on GWT 2.8.1
  • Rewrite media management to integrate the constraints of the Chrome foreignObject with a script that adjusts the media dimensions according to the browser (FireFox or Chrome). The SVG document produced with media supports and adapts to FireFox and Chrome browsers.
  • Added YouTube media.

5-7 May 2017

  • New showcase tool to demonstrate how to use Draw SVG
  • Manage multilingual documents and texts

5-6 October 2016

  • SVG load dialog box, fixed bug width and height values converted to 100%. Now retains a file's original width and height values.

5-5 August 2016

  • Drawing tasks for rect, image, map, svg and video ensure minimum size.
  • The selection of an element with an unsupported system language, display the element with a computed bounding box in place of SVG BBox.

5-4 June 2016

  • New default document dimensions equals to default which are adjusted to the Draw SVG window.
  • Changed the SVG dimensions dialog box to control the ratio window/viewBox dimensions with two buttons to adjust the dimensions of window and viewBox.
  • New tool to browse children. This tools is enabled when the selected object has child elements.
  • Floating Tool menu displays icons in two columns when the number of functions is more than 5.
  • Emoji tool added to Shape menu.
  • Shape digit drawing task, default stroke style defaults to non-scaling-stroke.
  • Load SVG dialog box, computes viewBox when undefined with a minimized window.

5-3 May 2016

  • Removed the vector-effect property (SVGsvg 1.2) from the default stroke style.
  • Added selection of elements by rectangle, and select an anchor element's children.
  • New option to oOpen SVG.

5-2 April 2016

  • Added a file name text field to the Save dialog box.

5-1 March 2016

  • The integration API added the getSVG function to get the current SVG document.
  • Optimized menu resizing..
  • Strengtheneding pathseg polyfill API (fixed a Chrome bug).
  • Syntax lLabels changed to have first letter capitalized.

5-0 February 2016

  • The integration API added the setDocumentMenu function and parameters (showSaveDialog, fullWindow) to loadStringSVG function.

4-9 January 2016

  • Chrome release 48 support.
  • New option of the document visual editing size.

4-8 December 2015

  • Added support for Chrome release 48.
  • Media menu added for drawing controls with three types (audio, video, rich text).
  • Added textPath with vertical offset dy attribute.
  • Added dx,dy fields in the Geometry tab.
  • When loading URL, fixed a bug for cross origin security exception.
  • Fixed bug for moving svg element.
  • Improved the media controls supports on Webkit browsers.