Edit geometries

Review of editing actions on element geometries
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Align elementsShows how to align elements3 steps
Close pathsShows how to close a path3 steps
Cut and merge pathsShows how to cut and merge paths9 steps
Edit geometry propertiesEditing geometry properties for each type of object (rectangle, circle, ellipse, image, line, polyline, path, polygon)23 steps
Edit huge pathEdit the geometry of a path with a lot of points10 steps
Edit path propertiesShows how to edit path properties.
• Change data, transform absolute to relative mode, modify decimals count.
• Optimize path description length.
• Edit the full text path description.
13 steps
Edit path segmentsChange the structure of a path
Insert segments, change segments types and delete segments
14 steps
Insert curve intersectionsInsert intersection points between curves (circle, ellipse, cubic, quadratic).
Elements can be refactored to path as needed.
12 steps
Insert line intersectionsInsert intersection points between one element with straight lines and another geometrical element.
Intersection points can be connected with constraints.
Fixed size elements (line, rectangle, circle, ellipse) can be refactored to path to insert intersection points.
10 steps
Move and resize with arrow keysShows how to move and resize elements with arrow keys2 steps
Operations on shapesLogical operations on closed shapes (union, intersection, difference)13 steps
Refactor elementsChange the type of an element to polyline, polygon or path depending on its geometry.22 steps
Reverse direction of linesShows how to reverse direction of lines, polylines and paths11 steps
Round the rectangle cornersRound the corners of a rectangle by applying a ratio in a circular or elliptical shape11 steps
Transform elementsRotate, scale and flip elements15 steps